A Weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona has been one of my most exciting trips.  Partly, because it’s located on the water.  If you know me you know how much I love the beach.  It is also a very romantic city.  The thought of sangria on the beach with my love is so exotic.

I was so excited to be able to visit this amazing city with my husband. The perks of my job allowed me to bring a piece of my heart with me. Yes! Hubby was coming along on my trip with me. I was truly excited and nervous because we all know how crazy these flights can be with standby life. It was a great time for him to come along because the kids were actually with my parents for the weekend. We decided to make it an international date night.  How romantic is that?

My husband and I have pretty busy schedules and I always look forward to any kind of “one on one” time with him even if it’s at home. Once we arrived in Barcelona of course I’m exhausted. I worked and he slept most of the flight. Like I said “perks” Lol! We showered and I decided to take a 30 minute nap before heading out. Before I left on this trip all I could think about was all the refreshing Sangria and delicious Paella I was going to eat. I couldn’t wait to find some tucked away local restaurant to dive into have the”authentic Barcelona” experience. If you are ever in Barcelona check out Raco`de la Vila. The food was and Sangria was amazing.

Seafood Paella



The Beach

After we finished a fabulous dinner we headed to sink our feet into the sands of Spain.  The beautiful blue coastline was breathtaking.  One thing that my husband will tell you about me is that I absolutely love going to the beach.  It is my place of peace.  I love to hear the waves.  I love the sunshine on my skin.  It’s heaven on Earth for me.  One thing I did love about the part of the beach we were on was the little tiki bars.  There were alot of exotic flavors for our taste buds


I would love to bring my kids back here one day on a trip.  They would love it.  They are beach bums like me lol!!  On our way back to the hotel we took the time to take photos of part of the city.  Whenever we get to experience a different place outside of where we live we like to reflect on our blessings.  We are forever thankful for them.  Please comment and share your experiences in Barcelona.  I would love to hear about it 🙂 Also, if you enjoyed this post please save it to your Pinterest travel board on the link below.







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