Unapologetic…… Creating My Own Happiness


A few months ago I decided to do a detox.  I was sitting at my desk and saw a post on my timeline from a friend that I have known for a few years.  She is always actively fit, encourging wellness, and has an overall energetic vibrance.  I knew it was meant for me to see her post about a new detox group starting.  I wanted to do a detox for a while, but I lost some of my motivation.


I figured this was the perfect time to start this journey. People don’t realize alot of what you eat blocks your mind to be free and your soul to feel good.  Certain foods add to anxiety, stress, and lack of energy. I was currently on vacation. I had two weeks off before I returned to work.  During this journey, I also started to block out noise and negativity.  I didn’t want anything to disturb how I was feeling.

This process became more than I even expected. My vibration was high.  There was so much self love inside of me.  Even after I  completed the required four weeks I didn’t want to stop. So I decided to keep going.  It also became a spiritual journey.

I learned so much over the past couple of years. The world can influence how you feel on a day to day basis.  I didn’t want to be told how to think or how to feel about an event.  I created my own reality, started living in my happiness.  Ever since I did this I have felt elevated in so many ways.  I hear the voice of God clearer.  I often have conversations with my friends about how we make ourselves miserable by  choosing to be in a negative space.  Constantly promoting negativity through social media.  A lot of what I see is people who are not in touch with what peace truly means.  It could change your life.

I want my children to learn to love themselves no matter what.  You don’t have to be on the train of whatever society is doing.  Create boundaries for themselves and don’t allow anyone to overstep them.


Duke University


Discipline is something I had a hard time with. I had to learn the world’s speed isn’t my speed.  I am proud of myself right now for taking the time for self care.  I set my standards for what I expect in relationships.  Friendships and intimately.  I am worthy of the best and I deserve it.  I create the happiness I want.  It is not someone else’s responsibility to do that.  They should only be there to add to my happiness.  I am now very particular about my circle.  Some people may have been in your life for a long time.  Eventually,  you hit a crossroads and don’t view things the same anymore.  It is ok to grow and move in a positive direction.


During my time of self reflection, I decided to take my first solo trip.  It’s not unheard of working in the airline industry. However,  it was something I had never done. I looked for a resort that was tucked away and unique.  I’m not a huge fan of crowds anymore and desire peacefulness.  I wanted to hear the birds chirping in the morning, see beautiful tropical plants, and be near the ocean.  I found the perfect place in Negril, Jamaica.  I wanted to be on my own time, read, and write.  I will be doing a specific post about Jamaica after this so please subscribe to my blog to receive the updates.  Starting the detox I didn’t know that it would lead to something deeper.  It allowed me to open a spiritual side and receive guidance. 


There are times when you need to shutdown and disconnect.  This was the time for me.  I have become cautious of what I allow in my presence.  I don’t engage in alot of negative media or whatever the breaking news story is of the day.  Since I started doing this three years ago I felt so much inner happiness. On my social media break I got so much done.  I started writing again for my blog, read a few books, worked on my business, meditated, worked out, and walked in nature.  I often wonder what my purpose is in this world and the only thing I feel I am tasked to do is be a light.  God is in me.


I want people to see that in how I live my life, how I treat people, and most importantly how I treat myself.  People learn how to treat you when they see how you treat yourself.  Creating the life you want on your terms brings liberation, more happiness,  and less depression.  This is not something that can be accomplished overnight.  It is a process and journey to get to this higher self.



  • Brian Dawson
    Posted at 22:18h, 08 July Reply

    Very Nice

    • Vee Wess
      Posted at 22:28h, 08 July Reply

      Thank you 🙂

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