Cool Places to visit in San Francisco in 24 hours

Hello San Francisco!!

This gem is truly one of my favorite cities in the U.S.  It’s unique winding and hilly streets add so much character to the dynamics of this city.  My very first time I visited San Francisco I couldn’t say that I loved it that much.  I thought to myself how do people live here?  They must replace their brakes on their cars every other month lol!  Now it is a treat for me when I have the opportunity to go.  As a flight attendant we do get to travel to some cool places domestically and internationally.

Where I Stayed

The last couple of times I have been has been for work.  Luckily, we get to stay in the financial district which is within walking distance to a few attractions and great restaurants.  This area is very close to shopping as well.

Ferry Building Market Place 

Thankfully, the financial district is withing walking distance to the Ferry Building Marketplace located on Market Street.  The Market is one of San Francisco’s well known landmarks and has been a focal point since 1898.  It is accessible by BART, Ferry, & Trolley Car.  Inside there are so many amazing restaurants, great wine stores, bakeries and the farmers market.  The only negative there for me was that I couldn’t buy alot.  I would have nowhere to store it all in my luggage to keep it fresh until I returned home.  It was all overwhelming.  You want to buy, eat, and drink everything.


Marketplace Clock Tower


On the Waterfront


Port of San Francisco


The Port


Since I was only there for a short time I couldn’t stay too long. I wanted to see as much I could.  I love how San Francisco has kept it’s compelling and unique style over the years.  It’s such a beautiful city.

Chinatown San Francisco


If you want to find great Chinese Food this is where to start.  Are you surprised?  San Francisco’s Chinatown has some of the best Chinese Food!  I know I sound so lame for this,  but it’s just so much better than anywhere else I have ever eaten. It is one of the largest Chinatowns outside of Asia. There are also more shops, fresh produce, cultural sites, and souvenirs.  Parking is not so great there so I do recommend walking and local transportation is convenient to the area.  There are several festivals and events during the year so check online before you go.

Chinatown San Francisco






I am sure I will be going to San Francisco ongoing in the future.  I will be posting more adventures and things to do so  stay updated by joining my email list.  If you loved this post please comment and share.


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