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When I started my flight attendant career I often heard people talk a lot about base preferences.  I could understand how this would be at the top of the list of cabin crew conversation.  A base, in airline lingo, is where you will report to work. Your flights on your schedule will originate and end there.  This may scare some potential applicants from applying to this awesome career.  “OMG will I have to move? I can not live there! It’s too expensive!”  These are all the fears we have had.  The wonderful thing about this career is you do not have to live where you are based.  An extremely high percentage of flight attendants and pilots commute to work.  However,  commuting can be a little stressful.  A lot of times you will need to give yourself time to arrive to your base for your trip.  This could mean flying up a day ahead or arriving several hours in advance of your report time.  This leads me to my point of this post.

Earlier this year,  I decided to transfer to Atlanta.  It was closer to home, short commute, and I could drive if I needed to.  Great reasons to be based somewhere right? Thats what I thought too.  Now you have to figure out what is important to you.  During my experience there I found I had lost my flexibility.  That is one of the benefits of working in this industry. The flexibility can be amazing.  After 6 months of having the worst schedule, not being able to move anything around I decided to transfer back to NYC.  I needed to be able to be home more and have more control over my life.  This meant a slightly longer commute (no biggie) and securing another crashpad.  We will talk more about those on another day.  Finally after months of trying I was awarded a base transfer back to NYC (insert shout dance).

As I start again on this next chapter, I am more aware of what is important to me.  It’s finally time to enjoy life again! CIAO! 


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