We started the evening off with a toast to the good life!  Reflected on our lives and what we want that to look like going forward.  I immediately became excited when my friend called to ask would I be interested in going to Charleston for the weekend.  I have always loved Charleston.  It is unique in many ways.  The class & southern charm fill the cobblestone streets with an amazing energy.  Luckily,  we picked the perfect weekend to road trip. It was my birthday weekend, The Charleston Food and Wine Festival was going on and the weather was perfect.


I couldn’t think of any other place I wanted to dine for my birthday celebration other than Halls Chophouse of Charleston.  An iconic staple in Charleston with fresh seafood and prime steak.  I do not eat beef, but I thoroughly enjoyed the seafood.  Halls offers a spread of so many flavorful entree’s, appetizers, and drinks to enjoy.  The service is also top tier.

This experience set the tone for the remainder of the weekend.  I lived in the moment and embraced what Charleston had to offer.  After full dinner we decided to call it a night after a long day of travel.  The next day I received a message from a friend from my hometown.  She saw I was in Charleston for the weekend and recommended I check out her friend’s new restaurant called Well Hung.  My friend and I got dressed and headed there for brunch.  We were in for such a treat and had a great table off the balcony.  We were able to enjoy the views of the horse & carriages that rode by.

The menu had endless options of salads, burgers, flat breads to shrimp & grits.  Although, we are clearly adults we couldn’t hide our excitement of the the fruity pebble doughnuts.  This alone would have been worth the trip.




Well Hung is known for partnering with winegrowers across the country showcasing a rich selection of the best wines.  If you love it like we did you are able to purchase your own to take with you.  I particular enjoyed the Afternoon Delight Flight where I was able to have my very own wine tasting.  Simply delicious!

Chasing Sage

Amen Street Oyster Bar


The Battery is beautiful area to take in the more historical landmarks of Charleston.  It is named for civil-war coastal defense artillary battery.  The homes along the battery are breathtaking.  The unique architecture, colorful structures, and individually crafted doors magnifies Charleston’s exclusive southern charm.



Although the time there was short it was fulfulling and I left feeling inspired and high spirited.  I am looking forward to visiting again really soon.


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