I’m the Mother of an Official Teenager

I’m so late with blogging this milestone in my daugters life, but  I haven’t been blogging as much as I use to.  I have found new inspiration over the last few months and wanted to share some special events in my life.  Well,  my oldest daugher turned 13 on April 22nd.  Earth Day to be exact.   You watch your children constantly grow and grow, but you will always look at them as your little baby in the crib bouncing up and down.   As time goes by they need less and less of your help with things.  They become independent and start implementing all you have taught them.

Skyy has always been such a wonderful child.  She is very easy going and never gives me much trouble.  I have found her to be intelligent on various topics from World History, language, and social media (frowns).  She has won spelling bees at her school and has been able to go on and compete at the district level. She has also maintained the honor roll since entering middle school.  I’m very proud of the women she is becoming.  Her sister is always on her heels and they have developed an inseparable relationship that I admire.  I pray  her journey through life will be fulfilling  and I am so proud to be her mother.






Skyy in her younger days.

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