How To Spend A Day In London – Visiting the UK

There is no perfect place to spend a day exploring than in London, England.  The very first time I visited this city I was in awe of its unique style.  I wanted to see everything about London when I arrived for the first time.  My husband and I were on our way to Amsterdam and decided to spend the day there a few years ago. Since our time was limited we decided to do a quick tour.

Hop on Hop off  Tour Bus

The big bus tour takes you to just about all of  London’s well known attractions.  You have an option of sitting inside or outside.  If there is a spot on the tour that you would like to spend more time taking pictures or grab a bite to eat you can simply get off at that spot. Once you are ready to be picked back up there is always another bus enroute.  They run frequently.


The London Eye

Fast foward to a few weeks ago.  I was awarded a London trip at work and would get to see this beautiful city again.  The  day I was laying over the weather just happened to be on FLEEEEEKKKK!!  Now if you know Europe you know the weather can be pretty nasty all the time.  Once we arrived,  I was totally exhausted because  we were delayed 3 hours.  The first thing I did was shower and nap.  I planned to go out later with my friend, who also worked the flight with me.  It’s great when you get to work with people you know.  It makes for a cool trip sometimes.


Big Ben

We had dinner & drinks at Bills Restaurant not too far from our hotel. My Just Peachy Bellini was devine.

Great Advice

Unfortunately, after eating we didn’t have too much time before all the stores would be closing. Everything closes early on Sunday.  We made a quick stop at Boots (a local cosmetics store) to pick up a few toiletries and decided to walk to Hyde Park.

Hyde Park

This park was absolutely beautiful and serene. However, at the time we arrived it looked hella spooky LOL!!!  There were very little street lights. The trees in the park were probably a hundred years old.  I couldn’t believe I was actually going to walk through here.  It was spine tingling.  We were searching for the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain on the map. Unfortunately, that also had closed by the time we got there.  Make sure if you are planning to visit those sites that you know the times they open and close.  I would love to visit this park again (in the daytime of course :)) It’s the perfect place to ride bikes, jog, or have a romantic picnic.

Hyde Park

The Albert Memorial

Could I live here?

London is one of those cities I would actually like to spend more time.  I would love to spend a summer living in another country.  It is on my bucket list.  Has anyone done this before? If so, please comment and share. Maybe you can offer me tips.  Finally, if you enjoyed reading this post don’t forget to share on your Pinterest travel board and other social media sites. Thanks for reading!


Kensington Area (High Street)

Kensington Area

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

  • Nichole Carter
    Posted at 13:01h, 22 June Reply

    This sounds like an amazing trip ! I had a layover in London when I was a Flight attendant. I always wanted to go back

    • Vee Wess
      Posted at 00:19h, 24 June Reply

      I love London too!! It’s such a cute city.

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