Amsterdam; Visiting The Netherlands

Hallo Vrienden!

Welkom Bij Amsterdam!!  I hope you brushed up on your Dutch for this blog post on one of my favorite cities.  Just joking!  Amsterdam has such a unique character. Visiting The Netherlands should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I always look forward to my trips there.  Schiphol airport is like being inside of a mall.  There are restaurants, bakeries, and other amazing retail stores.  I often wish airports in the United States were as savy.

My very first trip to Amsterdam back in 2014.  I was completely amazed by how laid back the people are and I think we all know why (wink).  It felt like a judge free zone to relax and not be shamed about the culture of the city.



The Challenge

If you have ever visited Amsterdam then you will know their means of transportation is not a car.  Getting around by bicycle is the number one way to navigate.  Research has found there are more bikes than residents.  If you are not careful you will almost get hit by a bike.  Paying attention is key because it seems they come from so many different directions.  Do not walk and text! I repeat do not walk and text!

Just pick one

Dam Square

Several times a year funfair is held in Dam Square.  It’s a cute little fun outdoor carnival with fun games, food, and rides.  It was truly a treat for it to be going on at the time I was there.



SkyLounge Amsterdam

Almost every time I travel abroad eating and drinks are on the top of my list.  I heard previously about a cute little rooftop lounge with a panoramic view the city.  SkyLounge Amsterdam is a  unique spot to get great food and signature cocktails.  The sweet chili  popcorn snack was to die for.  I was trying to hunt for this popcorn in the states when I returned. I had no luck so I have a reason to keep going back.  My entree’ of choice was the Asparagus & Risotto Pesto.  The food and drinks were simply amazing.

Sweet Chili Popcorn

Blue Elephant Cocktail










Asparagus & Pesto Risotto


One of the most popular tourist areas you can’t leave without visiting is the RED LIGHT DISTRICT.  It is the topic of discussion when telling someone you have been or planning to go to Amsterdam.  You will find several sex shops, peep shows, and other interesting things.  Prostitution and marijuana is legal in The Netherlands.   You can partake or you can spectate.  It’s really up to you.



The Canals

You can’t leave Amsterdam without taking a moment to admire the beautiful canals.  A canal cruise is one of the number one attractions for visitors to see the intimate parts of the city.  There are even people who live in houseboats on the canal.  The Houseboat Museum  is great way to get an inside look into how to live on the canal.





If you decide to visit enjoy everything Amsterdam has to offer. It’s such a cool and relaxing city.






  • Rick
    Posted at 15:06h, 17 October Reply

    So jealous, I only get to work when I travel😂

    • Vee Wess
      Posted at 23:34h, 01 November Reply

      Awww!! It’s like that sometimes. It’s not all fun and games all the time with me either.

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