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A little more than a year ago,  I made the decision to change how I was eating.  I wanted to cut out processed foods.  I enjoyed preparing my own meals and started noticing when I ate out things didn’t taste as good anymore.

So,  I started researching supplements to help me keep my body cleansed and allow me to get the nutrients that I may have been lacking everyday.  It was very important for me to do that now that I had become a flight attendant.  I am not always able to eat the things that are good for me.  Our schedules are always different.   We may not eat at the same time everyday and irregularity becomes regular 🙁  As a flight attendant we tend to follow or interact with other flight attendants of course.  This is how I was introduced to YOR Health.  I ordered my first bundle to try back in the Spring and have been using it for almost 7 months.  I must say that I LOVE them!!! My favorite is the SUPERGREENS.  With one tiny packet I get 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in one consumption.  That’s right 24 servings!! It fights off pre-mature aging, increase circulation,  energy, and numerous other things. I also like that I can order them in packets so its great for traveling with it.  I also love to mix Supergreens with Yor Berry Blast.  It gives me the best boost of energy and increases alertness  to make it through the day or if you are trying to maintain an effective workout.   One thing I do not like is energy drinks that make you jittery.  Berry Blast does not have that affect.


My other favoritest that I use regularly are Probiotics, Digest, Berry Blast, and the Essential vitamins.

probiotics   vitamins

bblast            digest


Unfortunately, our system can keep waste for way too long.  YOR Digest is very key into making sure foods do not linger in our system.  It literally breaks down the food that I eat so that it can pass through easily.  There are so many other wonderful producsts available on their website.  Check it out at http://www.yorhealth.com



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