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FITNESS/HEALTH, Uncategorized / 01.02.2017

A little more than a year ago,  I made the decision to change how I was eating.  I wanted to cut out processed foods.  I enjoyed preparing my own meals and started noticing when I ate out things didn't taste as good anymore. So,  I started researching supplements to help me keep my body cleansed and allow me to get the nutrients that I may have been lacking everyday.  It was very important for me to do that now that I had become a flight attendant.  I am not always able to eat the things that are good for me.  Our...

TRAVEL, Uncategorized / 07.01.2017

  The woes of standby life can be often looked at as a negative in the flight attendant world. However, there are times when you are called for duty and you can't believe the destination that was just assigned to you. It was a regular day on standby for me.  I was in my Queens crashpad watching Netflix.  Excited that several seasons of A Different World was now available for me to go back down memory lane.  It was close to almost 4pm and I still hadn't been assigned anything.  I reached out to my brother to see what his plans were for...