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TRAVEL / 15.07.2017

There is just a deliciousness whenever New Orleans comes to mind. I immediately start thinking about food and drinks. The spicy, cajun goodness melting on the roof of your mouth is enough to make your eyes roll back in the back of your head lol! I was lucky to travel there about a month ago with two great friends that were anxious to explore and eat as well. The very first time I visited New Orleans was years ago back in 2007. The city gave me a feeling of class and lots of character. I felt like I should have...

TRAVEL, Uncategorized / 07.01.2017

  The woes of standby life can be often looked at as a negative in the flight attendant world. However, there are times when you are called for duty and you can't believe the destination that was just assigned to you. It was a regular day on standby for me.  I was in my Queens crashpad watching Netflix.  Excited that several seasons of A Different World was now available for me to go back down memory lane.  It was close to almost 4pm and I still hadn't been assigned anything.  I reached out to my brother to see what his plans were for...