Beating Jetlag with InstaSleep Mint Melts

My day to day life is never really the same.  It almost always results in several schedule changes, different time zones, and long work hours.  Unfortunately,  jetlag wreaks havoc on our sleep schedule.  I was introduced to a wonderful, non habit forming product that helps me get a nice relaxing sleep.

Instasleep, is an awesome product that gives me a full nights sleep without waking up groggy and dragging afterwards.  I feel refreshed and rested to start my day.

Instasleep has several benefits that I find are important.

  1. It’s non Habit Forming
  2. Gluten Free
  3. Drug Free
  4. Wake up Refreshed
  5. Formulated by a Physician
  6. Travel Essential

Again,  if you are having a hard time getting the rest you deserve try Instasleep.  The link to order is below. Enjoy! 




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